IPL International Summer School


Each year ITECH, in collaboration with an ensemble of three other science and engineering schools members of IPL (ECAM,CPE and ISARA) organizes a 5 week International Summer School.

The program gives the chance to students to earn ECTS credits, but also to experience the French higher education environement and learn or improuve French language skills while discovering the vibrant city of Lyon.

For more detailed information about the courses offered and the other participating members, as well as this year deadlines, please visit:

Registrations for 2017 now open

Registration for the applying for the next start of term in September 2017 is now open!

After registering on the website, you will then be summoned to an interview that will take place between the 21st and the 28th of June at ITECH.

Applicants outside of France will have the opportunity of doing the interview by visio-conference

Candidates from Frenc CPGE (MP, PC, PT and TPC) will be summoned if admissible through the exams.

Please visit the registration site: registration 2017

Visit the school

Visit the school!

You were unable to come to the Open Doors Day?

You can always visit the school from Mondays to Fridays by appointment.

Contact: Vanessa Mondolini or Cian Ashworth 04 72 18 04 80