annecharlotte-student-itech-european-school-lyonHello, my name is Anne-Charlotte and I’m in the European class in ITECH. I’m going to explain why I chose this program.

What I like in paints are the infinite possibilities of formulation, and to see the influence of a polymer on the physical properties such as the hardness or the time of drying for instance. I did in 2010 a humanitarian project in Nepal; the aim was to contribute to the building of a little hydro-power plant in a village of the Nepalese Mountains. I really enjoyed that project and I decided to continue in this way after my studies.

It’s the reason why I applied for the European School of Formulation Chemistry. Indeed, I want to be an engineer to find solutions thanks to chemistry, to help people in underdeveloped countries. Moreover, using English in engineer studies will be more useful for me if I want to go abroad, talk with engineers from all around the world and even go to underdeveloped countries to learn more and understand their problems.

To conclude I really want to pursue this formation to realize my dreams.