Olivier Tharreau


The future engineers who’ll obtain their European diploma in formulation chemistry will considerably broaden their career and mobility prospects as the specialisation, the use of the English language and the international experience are well sought after assets by employers. They have the insurance of finding work since our profession needs people with important skills. In regards to our group for example, these needs are estimated at close to 30 engineers annually over the next 5 years.

Eugenia A.

eugeniaa-student-european-school-itech-lyonI was born in El Salvador where I studied in a French secondary school.

After my Baccalaureate I came to Lyon with the intention of studying veterinary. During my two year preparatory course, I learnt that ITECH was launching a new European Section of formulation chemistry engineers. I decided to apply as I’m interested in chemistry and in working abroad.

Last September, I signed an agreement with PPG Industries. I will be able to do internships in different countries. In my opinion, work is a means to discover other cultures. I would like to work in Asia in a country like Taiwan for example.


annecharlotte-student-itech-european-school-lyonHello, my name is Anne-Charlotte and I’m in the European class in ITECH. I’m going to explain why I chose this program.

What I like in paints are the infinite possibilities of formulation, and to see the influence of a polymer on the physical properties such as the hardness or the time of drying for instance. I did in 2010 a humanitarian project in Nepal; the aim was to contribute to the building of a little hydro-power plant in a village of the Nepalese Mountains. I really enjoyed that project and I decided to continue in this way after my studies.

It’s the reason why I applied for the European School of Formulation Chemistry. Indeed, I want to be an engineer to find solutions thanks to chemistry, to help people in underdeveloped countries. Moreover, using English in engineer studies will be more useful for me if I want to go abroad, talk with engineers from all around the world and even go to underdeveloped countries to learn more and understand their problems.

To conclude I really want to pursue this formation to realize my dreams.