The European Master Program

The European Master program

If you have a Bachelor’s in Chemistry, or equivalent, you can apply for this new programme with the possibility of having your tuition fees and internships covered by a sponsored company in the paint industry.

  • The Formulation Chemistry major offered by ITECH Lyon covers many aspects of polymer sciences in order to produce complex combinations applied to the fields of paints, inks, adhesives, cosmetics and many other formulated products. Along with basic chemistry and physics, practical knowledge, and business and management skills, the whole makes for a degree in high demand for the paint industry, which shows promising career opportunities for young engineers.

Paint and coating companies and federations wishing to sponsor students for the next start of term in September 2018 are:

The British Coatings Federation (BCF) and the Finninsh Chemical Federation (Kemianteollisuus)


ITECH applicants can benefit from a reduction in tuition fees and the possibility of do all internships within the facilities of a sponsor company allowing to build a close partnership between company and student which could lead to an early employment after graduation. Scholarships are handed to selected students through a video presentation competition as well as an interview.

  • The English program has also opened for the Textile and Plastic majors. Students following these specialisations will benefit from a common core curriculum in Polymer chemistry before continuing their courses at the Textile platform in Roanne, or in the case of the plastic major, in partnership with the CIRFAP plastic manufacturing teaching platform in Lyon.

Registration for the next start of term opens mid-January 2018. Go to to register.