Paint Sponsor Companies

ITECH Lyon’s European Section relies on the support of French and foreign industrial partners. We thank them for their contribution in setting up and helping us run the program.

2014 to 2017

2015 to 2018

National and European Paint Associations

National French Partners

ITECH is regulated by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research (

ITECH is a founder member of UGEI, Union of Independent Grandes Ecoles (

ITECH is a member of the CGE, Conférence des Grandes Ecoles ( and an ex-officio member of CDEFI,Committee of Engineering School Directors, and participates in the annual seminar and task forces on training and international relations.

ITECH is a founder member of the Fédération Gay Lussac ( as a specialist chemistry school. This network combines the 18 chemistry and chemical engineering schools in France. Students attending these schools can take part in exchanges with the other schools in the 3rd year, provided that their own school does not offer the option they want to study at the host school.

ITECH is also a member of two groups of schools in the same sector: ADESTH, a group of textile schools, and CST, a group of plastics engineering schools.

ITECH is the only school to offer a leather option: it is available nowhere else, either in France or worldwide.

Regional Partners

ITECH is part of the University of Lyon’s PRES, research and higher education centre ( Founded in February 2007 with EPCS (public scientific cooperation institution) status, it increases the visibility of higher education, graduate studies and research in Lyon. Its members include all the Grandes Ecoles in Lyon and St Etienne and all the universities in Lyon and St Etienne.

IPL, Lyon Polytechnic Institute (, founded in 1992, features the four schools with associative status based in Lyon: CPE, ECAM, ISARA and ITECH.

ITECH is a member of AGERA, Rhône-Alpes Grandes Ecoles Alliance ( With nearly 25,000 students and annual output of 3,500 engineers, 1,000 management school graduates and 200 architects, the 37 AGERA schools are a source of great scientific and technological potential for the Rhône-Alpes region and aim to make a significant contribution to the social and economic development of the Region by training innovative management staff.

Launched by the Rhône-Alpes Region through the Automotive Cluster, CoatingXpert brings together a number of laboratories belonging to higher education and research institutes in Lyon, the INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) in Lyon, ITECH and the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 on a collaborative platform, in order to conduct research and development projects and perform painting tests. These schemes can receive seals of approval from the Rhône-Alpes Region’s competitive and industrial clusters.

The centre possesses an automated painting facility. This makes it possible to reproduce and manage the conditions of industrial application for both small and large items.