Life at Itech

The Aim

Many Associations & clubs are managed my students : the Student Union (BDE), the Sports Club (BDS), and many others. Each year, students invest a lot of their time in humanitarian associations (solidar’ITECH).

Students are free to create any club they’d like : sports, cultural, gastronomy…

ITECH strongly encourages students to participate in different activities, keeping a healthy balanced lifestyle between studies and community life…

This demands being able to manage time with limited means. Searching for sponsors allows students to involve themselves in the financial management of their activities. Taking on responsibility, decision making, searching for new ideas and managing a team make useful values that contribute to the path of a future engineer.


Social Life: Student Union (BDS: Bureau Des Elèves)


Organized by students for the students, it manages a range of services that are meant to make student life enjoyable: managing the student area, sales of sandwiches and drinks, organizing events…

Each year begins with a Freshman’s Weekend (WEI – Weekend d’Intégration) in October. Many students are involved in humanitarian association through Solidar’ITECH.


Sports life: sports club (BDS: Bureau des Sports)

This club manages the many sport disciplines related to the National Federation of University Sports (handball, football, volley,…) , and organizes the ski weekend and other events and activities. The BDS also invites ITECH students to participate in the TIC (Tournoi Inter Chimie) that reunites every year all chemical engineering schools in France.



Association of ITECH Alumni (A.E. ITECH)

For council, professional help, need to contact an alumni of ITECH? The Association of ITECH Alumni is here to help you with its annual directory and journal which helps students and alumni (contact


The Region

Lyon is located in the south-east of France, on the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône Rivers. It stands on a geographical crossroads, to the North of the natural corridor of the Rhône valley (which stretches from Lyon to Marseille). With the Lyon-Saint Exupéry international airport and three TGV high-speed train stations, Lyon is connected to all major European cities and the world! Lyon is only 2 hours by TGV to Paris and 1hr40 to Marseille and the Mediterranean. If it’s the mountains you prefer, the Alps are a mere 90 minutes away by car, the Massif Central only 30 minutes away.

Historically, Lyon is an industrial city and therefore houses many petrochemical industries along the Saône and Rhône Rivers, in the so-called ‘chemistry corridor’.

Lyon is also the city with the second largest number of students in France, with three universities and many engineering schools.

In terms of its population, it’s the 3rd biggest city in France, with over 470,000 inhabitants, and the second largest agglomeration after Paris (2 million inhabitants).