Jobs and employment

Half of ITECH graduates sign their contract before their degree has been delivered.
After 6 months, more than 90 % of the graduates are hired.

Activity sectors

  • Chemical industries, chemical products manufacturers
  • Cosmetics, paints, varnishes, adhesives, inks,
  • Aeronautical industry, automotive, packaging, compounded materials, plasturgy
  • Leather industry, shoes, leather goods, tannery, luxury
  • Textile industries, technical and medical textiles, clothing
  • Commerce and distribution
  • Consulting

ITECH Career Counselling Service has been helping graduates with employment for more than 25 years.

It accompanies students in their search for a professional project and vocation, working closely with a professional counsellor and a work psychologist.

On an average basis, we have 300 offers directly addressed to ITECH and screened each year by the Career Counselling Service: 60 % for Engineers and specialized Masters, 40 % for technicians.


A winning service