Management team

A team of specialists

With its history and involvement in the world of business, ITECH is directly backed by professionals unions covering its 4 specialist subjects:

  • UNITEX (Union of Rhône-Alpes Textile Industries)
  • FFTM (French Tanning & Tawing Federation)
  • FIPEC (Federation of Paint, Ink, Colour, Glue and Adhesive Industries)
  • French Plastics Engineering Federation.

The representatives of these unions sit as vice-chairmen/women on ITECH’s Board of Governors, which also features representatives from Higher Education and the regional public authorities: the city of Lyon, DRIRE (Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and the Environment), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, University, etc.

Secretary General: Estelle Vlieghe
Study director: Alain Reynier
Scientific director: Isabelle Deschères
International relations: Nathalie Pinton

Textile manager: Christine Corroy
Paints, inks, adhesives, cosmetics manager: Blandine Chorein
Leather manager: Laetitia Moulin
Plastics manager: Anne Catherine Brulez