Key figure


  • More than 500 students
  • More than 3,000 graduates
  • 4 specialist teaching subjects: formulation chemistry (paints, inks, adhesives and cosmetics), textiles, plastics, leather
  • More than 300 trainees in continuing education every year
  • 16 research professors, including 9 Doctors


  • More than 15 partner universities worldwide
  • 100% of engineering students gain international experience
  • 30% of students spend more than 6 months abroad on a placement


More than 8,000 m² of teaching and research facilities

  • The Ecully site is ITECH’s head-office: 5,700m2 including 10 classrooms, 1 lecture hall, 1 library, 2 continuing education classrooms and 3,000m2 of laboratories, the specialist formulation chemistry teaching and research centre, the specialist plastics research centre and the students’ living area (common room and clubs).
  • The Roanne site is located in the Diderot science park and covers 2,000mincluding 2 classrooms and 1,500mof laboratories, as well as the specialist textile teaching and research centre.
  • The Gerland site (Technical Leather Centre): 800m2 including one classroom, control laboratory and specialist leather teaching and research centre.
  • The Mermoz site is a teaching centre belonging to the CIRFAP (Interregional Plastics Engineering Sandwich-Education Centre). A partnership was formed between ITECH and CIRFAP to pool their full-size plastics engineering machines, in order to provide students with high-performance facilities. 1,500m2 of laboratory and teaching centre are made available to ITECH.